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The Lorong 24A Shophouse Series, Singapore



The Site: A row of 8 conserved shophouses in Geylang, Singapore

The Brief: Find a creative and sustainable way to improve rental yields and reinvigorate the area to drive capital values for the property owners.

The Challenge: Its location – Geylang, a red-light district in Singapore. Although the street of Lorong 24A was not affected by vice activity, property values were depressed due to the public’s negative impression of the district.

Our Vision:
1) Cast a new light on the street and highlight the neighbourhood’s rich cultural and architectural heritage through diversity and contrast, juxtaposing conserved elements of the traditional shophouse with new spatial experiences within.
2) Create interesting, yet practical, living spaces that support contemporary lifestyles and, in particular, the personal and public enjoyment of art.

Our Solution: Invite and coordinate eight local architects to restore and reinterpret the individual shophouses, resulting in an exhibit of Singapore’s creative architectural talent, and giving the public the opportunity to see the great variety of interpretations of the same original form.

Our Unique Approach: Drive public awareness and interest through pop-up events and a focus on community experience of the reinterpreted designs.

Often, shophouses are only experienced by a select few who are privy to their private interiors. To ensure the relevance and continuity of these conserved buildings, we worked to create opportunities for communities to get involved and enjoy these buildings. Since project completion in mid 2012, the public has been invited to hold events in the shophouses during vacancy periods between lets, with more than 15 events being held to date.

The Final Product:The completed residential units accommodate a variety of tenant configurations ranging from couples and families to flatshares. The spaces are also conducive for alternative arrangements that blur public and private boundaries, such as shared home-offices with communal spaces or spaces for exhibitions and events. The units ultimately achieved rentals 4-5x the rentals achieved previously, and vacancies have been extremely low.

The Public Response: 3 prestigious awards and numerous articles in high profile publications such as the New York Times and Wall Street Journal.

Pocket Projects Roles:

  • Concept proposal and development
  • Development and Design Management
  • Project Management
  • Marketing / Brand Management
  • Events Programming
  • Tenancy Management Post-Completion
  • Property Management Post-Completion

Strategic long-term involvement throughout this place-making process was imperative to achieve our vision for this project.

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